Scene 2

Three Nights in the Watchtowers

Day One:

The Head Watchman will assign your posts. He instructs as follows: “Fighters near the gates and Archers in the towers. If you see a Dire Bear, your orders are to fire warning shots in an attempt to scare it it away. If it won’t scare, your orders are to kill the Dire Bear. Don’t let it get to the gates. If it does, the fighters will have to fight and kill it. Do your best archers and shoot true!

2 Dire Bears 125xp
Total XP earned 250xp

After the encounter: No other encounters that day. You are told to report back next morning.

Day Two: You are given the same instructions as the day before.

4 Dire Bears 125xp
Total XP earned 500xp

After Encounter, there are no more encounters. You’re told to report back next morning for your final day before the Trek to the dire Bear Den.

Day Three: Same instructions.

5 Dire Bears 125xp
Total XP earned 625xp

After the final encounter, you are instructed to see the mayor immediately and collect your pay.

Meeting with Mayor Zerrahk Ullner: When the players enter the mayor’s quarters, Mayor Zerrahk Ullner says, “Come in, Come! Word of your heroism and skill have been rumored through the town! Having you men join the Watchmen has raised moral around Peltarch. Thank you for the protection you provided and the boost in moral this town needed. If you hadn’t helped we surely would have suffered from that last attack. 900gp each player. Direct PCs to pg. 223 in Players Handbook and pg. 34 of the Adventurer’s Vault. Limit – Lvl 3 or less.

As you know, your next task is upon you. Before your trek to the Dire Bear Den I am presenting you a gift from the city. You may each purchase one magic item (Limit – Lvl 3 or less) and two potions (limit Lvl 5 or less) from the merchants at the Merchant Ring. Direct PCs to pg. 255 in Player’s Handbook and pg. 185 of the Adventure’s Vault. It will be billed to the town. Once you’ve made your purchases, meet on the Cobbled Court near the wagon that is awaiting you. Do you have any questions…?

May the helping hand of Shaundakul be with you!

At the Merchant Ring all available items are level 3 or less and for potions level 5 or less.

Scene 3

Scene 2

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