Scene 1

The Town Meeting at the Cobbled Court

You wake up to a lot of noise, music and voices. It’s obvious that many people have gathered in anticipation of the town meeting that will occur this morning.

The Cobbled Court is full of the towns folk. Merchants enjoy town meetings because not only does it fill the court with people, but also puts coin in their purses. The meeting should start in a few minutes. WHAT DO YOU DO? (players may look around at the stores. They have little money so they cannot buy much.They can also speak with some people)

Conversations with townsfolk before meeting


You see the Mayor and the officials gather as if preparing to speak. Most people get quiet, but a few people near you keep talking. Someone in front of you turns around to look at you and says, “Hush!”

Mayor Zerrahk Ullner – In a booming voice he says, “As you already know, we’ve been having trouble with the Dire Bears. They’ve been making attacks on our town and we’re not sure why this aggressive behavior is occurring. We’re looking to assemble a team to enter the Dire Bear Den on the Northern Shore of Icelace Lake.” The people start to mutter loudly amongst themselves. One person shouts, “THAT’S SUICIDE!!!” Another shouts, “YOU’RE A MAD MAN!!! WE CAN’T FACE THE BEARS!!!! THEY’LL RIP US APART!” Mayor Zerrahk responds, “I understand your fears, but we must find out what the cause is of this strange behavior. Eventually we WILL have to face whatever evil this is. If you feel that you are being called to join the special team, speak with me today. Yes, it will be dangerous, but it must be done because we cannot live our lives in fear! We will need brave and strong adventurers for this to succeed.”

“Also, we are short a number of members for the Peltarch Watchmen. We’ve lost a few Watchmen to the bears, may the Raven Queen bless their souls. Understandably, no one has volunteered to take their place. So, I have decided to offer 300gp per night, TRIPLE the normal payment for anyone who joins the Peltarch Watchmen.”

“This is YOUR town, YOUR families, and YOUR LIFE! Stand up and PROTECT IT!!”

The meeting Concludes – You see some people shake their heads. It seems that most want nothing of it. You hear people muttering awful things about the mayor. Very few seem to want to serve. START PLAY (Players may sign up for the Peltarch Watchmen by speaking with the officials or the mayor. They must sign a document – They may also agree to join the special team to go investigate the Bear Den)

(Players may walk around and speak with different merchants and townsfolk.)

Conversation with Officials and Mayor Zerrahk Ullner

Conversation with Merchants after meeting

Rallying Townsfolk to join

Scene 2

Scene 1

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