Welcome to the land of Faerun, a place of both great heroes and terrible evil, encompassing lands of magic, mystery, and danger.

Bold knights dare the crypts of dead kings, seeking glory and treasure. Daring rogues prowl the alleyways of ancient cities, plotting their next exploit. Devout clerics wield mace and spell, questing against the terrifying powers that threaten the land. Cunning wizards plunder the ruins of fallen empires, delving fearlessly into secrets too dark for the light of day. Dragons, giants, black-hearted villains, demons, savage hordes, and unimaginable abominations lurk in horrible dungeons, endless caverns, ruined cities, and the vast wild places of the world, thirsting for the blood of heroes.

This is the land of Faerun, a continent of heart-stopping beauty and ages-old evil. It is your land to shape, to guide, to defend, to conquer, or to rule. It is a land trod by noble heroes and unredeemable villains, a great and terrible company to which you and your fellows now belong.

Welcome to Faerun!

You live in a small town called Peltarch. Show and give map. Peltarch is on the shores of Icelace Lake. As you can imagine, it’s very cold in Peltarch. It has been winter for as long as people can remember, except for a select few. The people call it The Great Winter. The people have learned to survive in this frigid climate, although they pray that one day it will end and bring a new era to their region.

Icelace Lake boasts plenty of fish and pure, fresh water; runoff from the Great Glacier. However, the water is so cold that it can kill a swimmer within 10 minutes. It is home to unusual aquatic creatures and the lake is known for the dire bears that live on it’s shores.

Peltarch has been built to withstand the elements. It has wooden walls and watch towers to guard and fend off any unwanted guests. There are four watchtowers, one at each corner of the town. The watchtowers are manned by the members of the Peltarch Watchmen. Usually, all watchmen would have to do is fire an arrow at a wandering Dire Bear to frighten it off. However, recently the Dire Bears have been appearing more frequently, and attacks seem almost organized. Very unusual behavior. Tomorrow morning is a town meeting called by Mayor Zerrahk Ullner to discuss the situation. The town meeting is located is located at the center of town, on the Cobbled Court. The Cobbled Court is surrounded by the Merchant Ring. This is where most of the business is conducted during the days. Travellers come nearly every day to purchse the fish from Peltarch. The Icelace Lake has some of the most valuable fish in all of Faerun, but are also some of the most dangerous to catch due to the deathly cold waters, The Great Winter and the Dire Bears.

Each of you are in your own huts on the east side of town…sleeping after a long day.

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