The Prophecy


At the end of the last session, the team finds a +1 Frost Maul on one of the ice warriors bodies.

The heroes start this session at the final level of the tower, the roof.

Session 1


The adventurers home town of Peltarch had been attacked by the Dire Bears who usually cause little to no harm. The attacks had been coming more often and almost organized.

The adventurers have taken up two quests and have already completed one with surprising ease. The first quest was to join the Peltarch Watchmen and defend the town from the oncoming attacks. Peltarch and it’s officials are thrilled to have such skilled beings from their town. It is obvious that they are exceptional people and will do great things for Peltarch.

Lecent the leaping Rogue, Erdan the Elven bow master, Gordon the clumsy yet powerful Paladin, Theren the mighty, and Oris the wizard have easily defeated the attacking Dire Bears at Peltarc’s gates. The first day started off slow and could have been a turn for the worse when Gordon saw how easily Lecent leaped off the tower wall to face the bears in melee. Gordon attempt the same climb down the same 15 foot watchtower wall unfortunately ended up hanging upside down caught by his foot on the rope and landing prone on the ground offering himself up as a meal to the Dire Bear. After being mauled and thrashed around, Gordon decided this was not a battle to take lying down and won back his pride by finishing off the battle with the 2 Dire Bears with a some help from his friends. The team destroyed the Dire Bears, on each of the 3 nights of their new duties. Seeing the skill of his new Watchmen Guards, Captain Blade stood on the sidelines, until the third day when Gordon decided to throwing himself into battle and get surrounded by 6 Dire Bears. And since Theren the Paladin decided she needed to rearrange her sock drawer instead of defending her own town, the captain took part in slaying a bear or two but quickly saw that the rest of his new mighty team could take care of themselves. Lecent and Erdan used such accuracy with their bows of choice. Oris Fearbringer cast a sleeping spell on the Bears and coordinated it with Lecent to make a skillful flying leap from 15 feet to one of the Bears detriment, sinking his blade deep in the unconscious Bear’s neck ending it’s life. Gordon used his awesome strength to Coup de Grace two of the other bears with such ease he made it look almost too easy.

The team has gone back to the Mayor and Mayor Zerrahk happily paid his new team. Zerrahk mentioned that the town was all a flutter with rumors of the new adventuring team. 900gp was given to each PC. The team was given a gift from the Mayor. The team was allowed to purchase a weapon and armor, plus 3 potions from the merchant ring and bill it to the town. The team felt their skills increase from the experience of the quest. (Players may level up to Level 2) before the next Quest.


Now it is time for the adventurers to test their new skills and items with the 2nd quest they agreed upon…the journey to the Dire Bear Den to investigate the strange behavior of the dire Bears. Go to end of Scene 2.

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